2021: A Year in Review

I think it’s safe to say that I had a wild year. At the end of each year, I like to sum up the successes and failures, and this year I was just like… where do I start? Of course 2020 pulled some shit on everyone. But I feel like 2021 was just two 2020s wearing Groucho Marx glasses and nose disguises. Anyway, here’s my year in review:

  • I only read like 10 books this year
  • I wrote 65 poems
  • I watched approximately 200 movies (in July I watched 60)
  • My mom turned 60
  • I broke up with my boyfriend
  • I turned 35
  • I stayed briefly in the hospital
  • I celebrated three years of having the best cat around
  • I had ten job interviews
  • I was unemployed for three months
  • I got my nose pierced
  • I got a tattoo of a half man/half frog who is SUPER turnt
  • I watched 13 seasons of Criminal Minds
  • Many summer miles were walked by the Mississippi River
  • I played Yakkety Sax on the jukebox at the local bar and people got angry
  • I participated in my first yard sale
  • I sold or got rid of almost everything I own
  • I moved out of my favorite place ever – the first place I ever lived alone
  • I accepted a job teaching at the University of St Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • I moved in with a roommate in Bluffton, Indiana
  • I went to three baseball games
  • I bought lots of secondhand clothes that remind me of my grandma
  • I got to see my niece and nephew a lot
  • I went on approximately 12 first dates
  • I had a poem come out in The Sun
  • I became part of the best writing group ever
  • I got assaulted in front of my home
  • I was scared, but I went to the police anyway
  • I spent a lot of time working on myself
  • I attended my first clam bake
  • I had two poems come out in Copper Nickel magazine
  • I read poetry at Erica Anderson-Senter’s book release party
  • I volunteered to be a faculty card dealer at USF’s annual Casino Night (the house always wins!)
  • I accepted a job as a writer at Blackstone Laboratories and will start in January (!!!!)

It’s been a hell of a year. Let’s see what happens in the next one.


One thought on “2021: A Year in Review

  1. Wow…So many accomplishments. At 35 you are rocking it! I’m 57 and I’m just now kicking my poetry life in gear. Keep on, Brett! You’re doing great.

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