Here is a smattering of my work that you can find online.

A-Minor Magazine: “A History of Women”
“Four Years Dead”

AGNI: “Horses Explain Things to Me”

Beloit Poetry Journal: “Svår Upplösning”

Boxcar Poetry Review: “Genesis”

Claw & Blossom: “Mallard Island”

The Collagist: “Hold Your Horses”

diode poetry journal: “Ways to Make Noise; This is How Things Are”

Linebreak: “Ghost in the Machine”

PANK: “Thoughts on Finding You Dead”

The Rush: “Cowboy Dream”

Sixth Finch: “How to Forget About Winter”
“Unfinished Love Poem for Powell Burke”
“Recurring Dream in Which”

Smartish Pace: “Ten of Swords”

Sundog Lit: “There’s Gonna Be Weather; Eve”

The Sun: “What to Look for in a Horse”

THRUSH Poetry Journal: “Failed Haiku”
“Songs About Leaving”
“Dear Wilder/Ness”

Tupelo Quarterly: “On Being Asked by My Friend’s Minister If I’ve Found the Lord”
“Leave of Absence”

Vinyl Poetry and Prose: “Confabulation”

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