Friends, I feel like simultaneously there is a lot happening and there is nothing happening. May. The trees are finally flailing their green leaves in the wind. Every few days my body remembers it’s no longer winter and it relaxes.

I’m still working as a teaching assistant at Breck, and each day is different. The semester is almost coming to a close and you can tell in the demeanor of the students that they’re ready for summer. I think we all are.

I’m waiting to hear back about a new job. I’ll likely hear from them this week, and my bones are buzzing with anxiety. I’m ready for a change and a more steady routine. I’m ready to not be poor anymore. I’m ready to start writing again. I’m so ready.

Today I’m proctoring AP exams in the high school. There will be a lot of time for me to sit and contemplate my life and all the weird choices I’ve made.


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