It’s Still Pandemonium

Well, my babies, I’m still unemployed. It’s September now, and the air is starting to turn a little. The tree in the back yard is starting to fade red as it gets a little less sun every day. Last night I had to wear a jacket.

I usually look forward to autumn. This year, though, it feels like some small part of me is getting buried with it. But there are small good things that are happening, too.

I’m growing basil indoors, and it’s starting to get big enough that I could use some of the leaves in a pesto.

The cat is curled up in a little furry horseshoe.

I’m taking a six-week course with Desiree Dallagiacomo and I’ve been writing some poems here and there. Some of them have even been… not terrible.

My hair is clean today. I’m drinking water. And I’m still here, breathing.


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