My First Website Was Bought by a Japanese Gaming Company

Welcome to my new website. I’m not quite sure what I hope to accomplish here, but I wanted to make a space for myself in this weird world. My old site,, got bought by a Japanese gaming company after I let my site lapse. I’m too cheap to buy it from them, so they’ll forever hold a part of me and I’m okay with that.

This is a place for me to dump my weird thoughts on the world. The other place I do that is a Diaryland space I’ve had since I was fourteen years old, and I still update that site to this day. Don’t worry; that site is locked down with a password SO good that the government can’t even crack it. (I’m sure a fourteen-year-old with two hours on his hands could get a look at all my embarrassing thoughts from the past twenty years.)

Anyway, welcome to this place.


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